About us

Legendary Apparel is operated on the Space Coast of Florida. 

We provide unique products that reflect the world we see on a daily basis.  Home of the Kennedy Space Center and all things space travel mixed with laid back beach lifestyles, some might say Florida is unlike any other place on earth.  

We strive to embody the uniqueness of our home through our custom apparel.  All of our products & posts are intended to show our humor, appreciation and positive mindset that is constantly refueled by this amazing planet.

Through Legendary Apparel we have been able to begin our mission of leaving the world a better place than how we found it.  We have partnered with and supported various organizations that share our ideals; by donating 10% of our profits to these organizations and joining them in their pursuits to improve aquatic and marine life that is so deeply ingrained in the culture that is Florida.  

Legendary Apparel Pelican Beach Clean Up Legendary Apparel Pelican Beach Clean-Up  Legendary Apparel Pelican Beach Clean Up

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